Get a Sneak Peek!

Get a Sneak Peek!

Here is a preview of what’s to come from the garden and orchard in June & July


Our own, as well as, locally grown  pre-picked strawberries are now available. Strawberry season usually lasts through the first couple of days in July.

Our 2 featured varieties of sunflowers have been moved from the greenhouse to the farm stand.
Strawberry Lemonade Now and at Bloom – A  60″- 70″ branching sunflower

Big Smile Now and at Bloom – A dwarfing (12″ – 24″) sunflower

Our pre-picked and PYO sweet cherry season begins in early July- usually by the 4th.  Tart cherry season begins about 10 days later.
Red raspberries, pre-picked and PYO, begin to ripen in early July and become even more plentiful  for the next 3 weeks.
Black raspberries usually start to ripen a week after red raspberries.
Red Currants ripen in mid to late July.
Blueberries and Saskatoons begin to ripen in mid-July as well.

local strawberries 

 picking red currants

Our Farm Stand and Bakery  are open Wednesday – Monday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
PYO hours are 9-4.

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