Pick Your Own



We offer “pick your own” (PYO)  sweet & tart cherries, red & black raspberries, Italian plums, shiro plums, red currants, blueberries, and our 23 varieties of apples.

* Please Remember: the dates given below are always subject to change, due to weather and other growing conditions. Availability of fruit is, also, weather dependent.

Early July to Mid July:  Sweet Cherries & Tart Cherries
Early July to Early August: Red & Black Raspberries
Mid July : Red Currants
Mid July to August : Blueberries & Saskatoons
Mid August:  Shiro Plums
Early September:  Italian Prune Plums
Late August -September: Asian Pears
Mid August – October: Apples

The dates given here are generally the times we begin picking these apple varieties. Call ahead (413-448-6009) if you are interested in a particular variety at a particular time.

Mid-August: William’s Pride
Late August: Snappy Macs
Early September:  Zestar
Mid-September: Cortland, Gala,  Macintosh
Mid-September/Late September:  Macoun, Empire, Liberty, Honeycrisp
Late September/October : Wolf River, Jonagold,  Fuji, Brock, Golden Delicious,

picking red currants