Farm Stand

Farm Stand

Our rhubarb is now  available !  Buy it now, use it now for rhubarb pies, cakes , jams or sauces or, freeze it for use when local fresh strawberries are here at Lakeview Orchard –  around the 3rd week of  June!
The best way to freeze rhubarb:  wash, pat dry with a paper towel, cut into the size pieces you want, lay on a tray in a single layer. When it has frozen ( a couple of hours only) place it in a plastic bag, remove as much air as possible, seal bag tightly, place in freezer until ready to use it.

Pre-picked Strawberries will be available in our Farm Store very soon!

 local strawberries


Our homemade pierogi and golumpki are available daily and homemade kapusta is available on Friday & Saturday. We offer a few specialty homemade deli items. Our current offerings include mac & cheese, ham salad, egg salad, Farm Girl Beans, kidney bean relish, pickled eggs, deviled eggs.

Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese – ON THE WHEEL – is available!

We carry a variety of jam, jelly and relish, local maple syrup and our pure raw honey.

Try our homemade lemonade and homemade fudge (chocolate & maple), buckeyes and peppermint patties!

Saturday and Sunday are homemade jelly donut days.  Our delicious old-fashioned cider donuts, chocolate whoopie pies, custard puffs, scones, turnovers .. and more are available every day.

We are open Wednesday – Monday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

See you soon!



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