Cider Mill


* Lakeview Orchard  uses ONLY our own fresh picked apples to make our cider,so we need to wait for a new crop of apples beginning in late August. 

Lakeview Orchard Cider is pressed from fresh-picked apples grown here at the orchard. Several varieties are blended to get a delicious cider that is the very best around!
Our cider is available in pints,  1/2 gallons and gallon sizes. We offer cups of mulled cider as well.
We sell mulling spices in our farm store so you can make your own mulled cider!

Our cider is not pasteurized. Instead, we use ultraviolet light to maintain the best flavor.

Want to make your own hard cider? Drop off your carboys and we will fill them on the days we press cider or purchase gallons right out of our cooler with no waiting involved!

Cider freezes well, so you can stock up at the end of the season and have a supply of delicious and nutritious cider all winter.

If you happen to be visiting our orchard on a day we are pressing cider you’re welcome to visit our cider house and watch the process.